• Melissa Ngige

The Essence of Black Beauty

Updated: May 1, 2020

Before term began, my friend Lian Ireri ( a graduate fashion student from Marangoni Institute) invited me to be in a photoshoot.

"I want to create content that is reflects the essence of black beauty."

Her premise within this shoot was to showcase the essence of beauty. To me, the nature of black beauty is embracing your colour. Loving your shade of beauty, loving everything of who you are. The flaws and tapping into them and embracing who you are. Lian gained inspiration from various mood boards on Pinterest, which echoed the style that she wanted us to model. It was here that she learned some of her visions that she aspired to represent in the shoot. At first, I was incredibly hesitant to be a part of her shoot. I had never done anything related to fashion, let alone, being in a photoshoot. I was incredibly nervous and scared, but through the guidance and hospitality provided by Lian, it was not as bad as I had imagined. This was when ideas about the film began to come to fruition. I liked the idea of black identity, and I knew I wanted to explore it. The main question was how, and from what angle would I take to administer this process.


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