• Melissa Ngige

"Black is": Behind the scenes.

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

The process behind the creation of this project was not the easiest. It took a lot of effort and research to try and formulate a good narrative. As I aimed to create a film that attempted to capture the semantic meaning of identity, it was challenging due to the outbreak of Covid-19. I had to fly back to my home country, which hindered my film process. This meant that I had no access to camera equipment and could no longer continue the filming process. It was then when I had to start looking for alternative methods to communicate what I had in mind. I began to look for research related to my film.

It was then when I stumbled upon artists who had concepts that resonated with the footage that I had and concentrated on the premise of identity, colorism, assimilation and stereotypes. Artists such as Ngend'o Muki, Carrie Mae Weems, Marlon Riggs and others. Their work acted as tools to guide me to the making of this Interactive Website. This was not an easy process as I had to think outside the box of my footage and find approaches that relate to the film.


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